Kriega OS-Platform for Yamaha Tenere 700

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Kriega OS-Platform for Yamaha Tenere 700 is engineered from virtually indestructible Nylon 6, lighter than alloy and without fatigue issues. It is machined with optional attachment points enabling you to set-up the bike to suit your adventure. 

• Mount a single OS-32 or OS-22 SOFT PANNIER or a single 1.75 Rotopax™ water container.

• Mount an OS-6 or OS-12 ADVENTURE PACK with single or double 1-gallon Rotopax™ water containers.

Rotopax™ 1.75 & 1 Gallon fuel containers will also fit but we DO NOT recommend you mount fuel containers on the exhaust side of the bike.

THE ADAPTOR is laser cut stainless steel which fixes to the OS-PLATFORM with 3 bolts and Nyloc nuts. It clamps to the top of the YAMAHA frame using 2 of the aircraft-grade aluminium clamps. The remaining 4 clamps fix the OS-PLATFORM directly to the frame, giving a very strong and stable base to add an OS-Pannier, OS-Adventure Packs or Rotopax™ fuel or water contains.

The YAMAHA frame profile on the opposite side to the exhaust is flat and therefore a standard OS-PLATFORM 16mm - 20mm tube fit, will easily mount to this side.

Specifications for the Kriega OS-Platform for Yamaha Tenere 700

• 10mm Nylon-6 construction.
• CNC machined both sides.
• Aircraft-grade black anodized clamps.

• Laser cut stainless steel construction
• Laser etched Kriega logo
• Includes all fittings

390mm(W) x 300mm(H) x 10mm(D)


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