RAM Mount Guide

RAM Mounts are an incredibly versatile collection of bases, arms, top mounts and accessories used to attach a device, mirror or other RAM-compatible product to a vehicle.

All the bolt hole centres of RAM products meet DIN standards. This is a European standard for manufacturers to standardize bolt hole diameters, bolt hole centres and bolt hole PCD (pitch circle diameter – for example, sprocket bolt holes).

Manufacturers use DIN bolt setting for Rotopax, SW Motech, Givi, Altrider etc, so all their components can interchange and be compatible.

To put it simply, RAM mounts are just one big compatible Meccano set, everything fits everything! All YOU need to do is figure out how you want to set it up.

So how do you set RAM Mounts up?

Start With A Base

All RAM setups must begin with a base. Different bases attach in different ways to your bike, car, plane or other vehicle. There are often multiple ways to attach various devices to your vehicle. If you are unsure where to start, check out Google or YouTube for ideas on how others have attached RAM mounts to a similar vehicle – or just ask us!

Here are just a few examples of bases you might like to use. Check out more RAM bases here.



Add An Arm

Next, pick an arm. There are less to pick from here, so no need to be confused! They come in a few different lengths with various features.

Here are just a few examples of arms you might like to use. Check out more RAM arms here.


Add A Top Mount

Finally, pick a top mount. This will depend on what exactly you are trying to mount. It could be a Doubletake mirror, a cradle for your new Garmin GPS, your phone or other device.

Here are just a few examples of top mounts you might like to use. Check out more RAM top mounts here.


Still have questions? Check out ALL the RAM Mounts we stock, or flick us an email (moxsales@motomox.co.nz) with as much information as possible and we will help you out!