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RotopaX Fuel Packs (1, 1.75, 2 Gallon)

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RotopaX Gas Packs are rotationally moulded for superior strength and a leak-proof design that puts to shame traditional blow-moulded carriers.

RotopaX Gas Packs have solid thick walls and extra threads with a sure-seal gasket, guaranteeing it will not leak or vibrate loose. The rotationally moulded design strengthens construction and is made from colourfast materials, so they’re less prone to fading or wearing out.

RotopaX also attach to a wide array of OEM and after-market mounting brackets and utilize their own RotopaX mounts for a tight and secure attachment wherever you decide to mount them. The unique design of the packs and the mounts allows them to be stacked on top of the other for a lockable secure fit, even in the bumpiest of conditions.

The RotopaX packs feel solid like you could run them over with a truck, and they wouldn’t leak a drop.


  • The self-venting spout turns around and stores inside of the gas pack
  • Rotationally moulded for increased strength and colourfast, leak-proof use
  • Solid thick walls and extra threads with a sure-seal gasket guarantee it will not leak or vibrate loose
  • Exclusive modular system design allows for flexible customization between multiple packs
  • Attaches to OEM and after-market mounting brackets
  • Utilizes own RotopaX mounting system for a lockable, stackable, secure mount of multiple packs

Sizes Available:

  • 1  Gallon/ 3.8 Litres, 343mm long x 241mm wide x 76mm deep
  • 1.75 Gallons/ 6.65 Litres 381mm x 342mm wide x 89mm deep
  • 2  Gallons/ 7.6 Litres, 470mm long x 343mm wide x 76mm deep

Dimensions are based on the packs laying flat 

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