Giant Loop Hot Springs Heat Shield

Regular price $39.95

The Giant Loop Hot Springs Heat Shield fits your bike's exhaust to prevent heat damage to the luggage. Don’t get burned! Giant Loop’s ingeniously simple and effective exhaust shield protects bags and bodywork from heat damage. The Hot Springs Heat Shield helps avoid the meltdown, preventing bags and side panels from touching your bike’s exhaust. It’s the lightweight, universal heat problem-solver for virtually any motorcycle exhaust system. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Please note: 1 Hot Spring Heat Shield is included with the MoJavi Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag and Great Basin Saddlebag, but additional exhaust heat shields are highly recommended as additional protection for dual exhaust motorcycles. 

Features of the Giant Loop Hot Springs Heat Shield

  • Rugged laser-cut aluminium construction
  • Stainless steel clamp included
  • Easy to install on virtually any motorcycle make/model
  • Dimensions: 15cm L x 7cm W x 2cm H
  • Weight: 90g

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