Quad Lock Brake Reservoir Mount

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The Quad Lock® Brake Reservoir Mount is the perfect solution for mounting your phone to maxi scooters, scooters, and motorcycles' square brake fluid reservoirs.


With our patented dual-stage locking mechanism, you can be confident your smartphone will stay securely attached as you ride, no matter the conditions.

The mount is attached to your scooter's brake fluid reservoir using thread-locking screws, reducing the risk of fasteners becoming loose due to thermal and/or mechanical inputs, such as vibrations.


The index head can be tilt adjusted, and the arm features multiple pivot points, giving you flexibility to position your smartphone in the optimal viewing angle, without interfering with any of your scooter or motorcycle's controls.

The hole pitch range suits lengths of 38mm to 70mm. The mount can be moved laterally when mounted on small brake reservoir lids, ensuring your phone will be in a position that allows full access to all controls.


The Brake Reservoir Mount will look perfectly at home on your scooter or motorcycle, with it's high quality materials and understated design.


1 x Quad Lock® Brake Reservoir Mount
2 x M4 x 16 CSK screws
2 x M4 x 18 CSK screws
1 x combination 3mm/4mm hex (Allen) key


  • Made from tough glass filled nylon
  • Stainless steel pivot pins and threaded inserts
  • Powder coated steel bracket
  • High tensile steel fasteners with micro-encapsulated thread locker
  • Mount hole pitch range from 38mm - 70mm
  • Multi-pivot arm adjustment and head tilt adjustment
  • Lateral adjustment when mounted on small brake reservoir lids

Do I Need a Vibration Dampener?

Quad Lock recommends the use of a vibration dampener as high-frequency vibrations from motorcycles can damage smartphones. Here you can learn about or purchase a Quad Lock Vibration Dampener.

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