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Quad Lock Vibration Dampener

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The Quad Lock Vibration Dampener has been created in response to the increased sensitivity of new smartphone camera's image stabilization modules and the impact that some motorcycle engines have on these modules.

The vibration level of some motorcycles can affect image stabilization on new smartphones. The Quad Lock vibration damper ensures that you can mount your smartphone securely on any motorcycle.

Protect your smartphone further
Compatible with all Quad Lock motorcycle mounts and Quad Lock motorcycle accessories, the Quad Lock vibration damper reduces over 90% of the high-frequency vibrations generated by motorcycles.

Precision Manufactured
The anti-vibration mount features a dual chassis suspension system with precision-engineered silicone seals and absorbs vibration to protect your smartphone camera.

Easy to install
The Quad Lock vibration damper comes with everything you need to integrate into your existing Quad Lock motorcycle mount and can be installed in minutes.

The Anti-vibration mount will look after your phone

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