Nuetech TUbliss High Pressure Rim Tape

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Installing the Nuetech TUbliss High-Pressure Rim Tape allows you to tape off your new rim for the TUbliss Gen 2.0 Tyre System. It functions both as a cushion for the tube against the spoke nipples, and as protection to keep dirt out of the rim.

If you already own a set of Tubliss and want to swap them to another bike, no problem! Simply buy another roll of this spare or replacement tubeless rim tape to fit out the new rims.

These tapes come in either RT22 for 21" rims or RT27 for 18" & 19" rims. 

How to install the TUbliss Rim Tape

To fit the TUbliss Rim Tape, refer to the TUbliss fitting instructions and also check out the how-to-fit TUbliss video.

Got a question? Read the TUbliss FAQ or call us on 0800 668 666

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