ADAPTIV TPX 3.0 Second Bike Wiring Kit

Regular price $285.00

The Adaptiv TPX 3.0 Second Bike Wiring Kit is perfect if you have more than one bike and want to mount your motorcycle radar to it. The second bike wiring kit so you can quickly and easily swap your Adaptiv 3.0 Radar to another bike or your car.

Adaptive's TPX Radar Detector 3.0 is a highly effective motorcycle radar detector, make the most of your Adaptiv 3.0 by being able to swap it around, buy the kit before you get a ticket.

What's in the Second Bike Wiring Kit

  • 1 x TPX 3.0 Wiring Harness
  • 1 x TPX 3.0 Visual LED Alert
  • 1 x TPX 3.0 Radar Mount Plate

We also have mounting options using Ram Mounts.