ADAPTIV TPX Radar Detector 3.0 Pro Motorcycle Radar

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Adaptive's TPX Radar Detector 3.0 is a highly effective motorcycle radar detector. So if you're tired of trying to make automotive radar detectors work on your bike, then you'll love the TPX 3.0 made specifically for motorcycles. Boasting 360 degrees of detection, a GPS feature, built-in LED warning light, and a horde of other features, the Adaptiv TPX 3.0 is the best radar and laser detector bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts can buy.

Features of the Adaptive TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector 3.0

  • GPS for detection of fixed speed cameras and red light cameras
  • Ka antenna horn for increased sensitivity
  • Made specifically for motorcycles
  • Shockproof
  • Shower resistant
  • Vibration resistant
  • Built-in LED warning light
  • GPS tagging
  • Multiple user modes
  • Radar and laser detection

Why is this the best radar detector for motorcycles in New Zealand?

It is the world’s first fully-integrated, portable motorcycle radar and laser detection system featuring GPS for the detection of both fixed Pole and Redlight Cameras. The new Ka antenna horn increases Ka sensitivity and K Band has been expanded into the 23Ghz range for full coverage. This, along with the above listed features make the Adaptive TPX 3.0 easily the best motorcycle radar on the market.

Stop trying to make car radar detectors work on your bike. With the Adaptiv Motorcycle TPX Radar Detector you can feel confident you won't miss any more audio or visual alerts; you won't need to worry about finding compatible mounts; you won't have to deal with tiny buttons while using gloves; you won't have to worry about bike theft; and you won't have to deal with any more complicated wiring setups!

What's in the box
1x TPX 3.0 Pro Radar
1x USB charger cable
1x Universal Mount Adaptor
1x Visual alert LED module
1x Bag of cable ties
1x Wiring harness kit

Mounting options (Sold Separately)
Handle bar mount
Ram Arm 50mm
Ram base for Holder
Ram base for Power Plate for Radar

We also have mounting options using Ram Mounts or our Mox Mounts

Handy tip
If you are using the Adaptiv in the rain or washing the bike it is like being water blasted, I use a small plastic bag to protect the radar from water ingress.

TPX 3.0 Manual