Hilleberg Keron 3 GT Tent (Red)

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The Keron 3 GT offers the optimal blend of maximum space, strength, flexibility, and comfort for three people in a lower weight package - a 3 person tent with extended vestibule.

The Keron remains today – the standard tent for polar expeditions because of its superb durability, excellent stability in high winds, roomy interior, and simplicity. These same traits have made Keron and Keron GT models ongoing favorites of anyone wanting a tent that is exceptionally sturdy yet relatively light in weight, that will work for any situation, and that will handle many years of use. This includes both “professionals” – mountain guides, forest rangers, search and rescue teams, military special operations units, and the like – as well as families, hikers and other “regular” users.

Both Keron and Keron GT models are admirable choices for any backcountry adventure, from demanding, extended winter expeditions, to long or short rambles in mountains and/or forests, to casual coastal jaunts, to relaxed overnight camping outings in your local recreation area.

The Keron is, arguably, the one most often associated with the Hilleberg name. When we introduced the Keron in 1981, it had not only that hallmark linked inner and outer for simultaneous pitching, but also an exceptionally strong silicon coated outer tent fabric – one only slightly less strong than the fabric we use today. And that first Keron was built to the same demanding standards that characterize today’s Kerons and all other Hilleberg tents.

With its spacious interior, two entrance design, and easy-to-pitch construction, the Keron was an immediate success, adopted by backcountry travelers of all kinds. It was followed quite quickly by the single entrance Nammatj, which had the strength and ease of use of the Keron, but in a lighter weight package and with a more compact footprint. During this time, Bo was doing quite a bit of winter trips with dog sleds, and one of his friends had a homemade tent with a longer vestibule to cater to the needs of mushing. Immediately seeing its utility for mushers, Bo created what would become the Keron GT, with one standard and one extended vestibule. A Nammatj GT, with a single extended vestibule soon followed. Both did become immediately popular with mushers, who found that they could easily put all their gear into the larger vestibules, but they attracted other users as well: foresters, special military units, and polar expeditions, and anyone else doing gear-intensive trips in all conditions.

By design, the Keron’s appearance has changed very little since its introduction. With its vertical inner tent entrances and near vertical walls, it provides the most useable amount of interior space of any other practical tent design, so we have stayed with it. We have improved its overall strength by taking advantage of the latest fabric and other material technologies, and we have continuously updated its construction to match those materials. But what we have not done is sacrifice any detail towards making the Keron the highest performing tunnel tent available. The Keron is the foundation for all of our tunnel tents, including, of course, the extended vestibule Black Label Keron GT and the Nammatj models, but also for the Red Label Kaitum and Nallo tents, and for the Yellow Label Anjan models – and even for the Red Label Akto and Yellow Label Enan one-person tents. All have Keron genes – vertical inner tent entrance (or entrances), near vertical side walls, spacious vestibules, and, most importantly, that exceptional weight to space ratio and that ultimate reliability.

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    Features Hilleberg Keron 3 GT Tent

    • Kerlon 1800 outer tent fabric and 10mm poles make for an exceptionally strong and stable tent.
    • All season construction: outer tent walls extend to the ground and mesh areas are backed with adjustable fabric panels.
    • Tunnel construction offers maximum space to weight ratio and is the ideal choice for mobile journeys.
    • Plenty of room for three occupants and their gear.
    • Linked but seperable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.
    • Tunnel design requires only four pegs for pitching, and the simple, single opening continouse sleeve and pole tensioner system is quick to pitch and remarkably stable.
    • Dual entrances and vestibules ensure that one door can always be situated out of the wind and provide flexible entry/exit and storage options.
    • One standard and one extended vestibule afford even more gear storage and comfort.
    • An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.
    • The outer and inner tents can be used separately. Pitching the inner tent alone requires optional pole holderes (see accessories).

    Specifications of the Hilleberg Keron 3 GT Tent

    Every tent comes with:

    • Outer tent, inner tent, guy lines with runners, poles, pegs, stuff bags for tent, poles and pegs, spare pole section, repair sleeve and instructions.

    Minimum weight: Refers to the outer & inner tents & the poles only.
    Packed Weight:    Includes all items that come with the tent

    • Minimum weight: 4.1kg
    • Packed weight: 5.0kg
    • Inner height: 105cm
    • Inner tent width: 160cm
    • Poles (10mm): 4 x 328 cm
    • Pegs: 22 Y-Peg

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