Yamaha Bash Plate AX1606 - Tenere 700 EURO 5 2021-22

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AXP Racing Bash Plate AX1606 for Yamaha Tenere 700 Euro 5 2021-2-22 is vibration-free engine, frame & linkage protection for your Yamaha adventure bike and is far lighter than an alloy skid plate.

Made of 8mm thick HDPE plastic, the AX1606 AXP Racing Skid Plate has successfully passed the track test and will protect your bike against all challenges! Protects the frame, cases, water pump and also the linkages. Weighing in at 2.4Kg the AXP skid plate is lightweight and absorbs impacts and deformations!

Fits only on the 2019/2020 EURO4 Version for European countries and on 2019/2021 for all other countries! Compatible with SW-Motech SBL.06.799.10001/B, GIVI TN2145, OUTBACK MOTORTEK, HEED "BASIC",  ADVENTURE SPEC and YAMAHA crash bars. Compatible with the SW-MOTECH and HEPCO and BEKKER centre stands.

This Bash Plate is for the Euro 5 compliant bike, the exhaust headers have a bulge in the pipes making the bash plate sit further out from the front of the motor.

Fitment for the Tenere 700 Euro Bash Plate AX1606

  • Yamaha 700 TENERE EURO 5 21-22


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