XRC Taper Bush Mounts Husqvarna 701 (set of 2)

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XRC Taper Bush Mounts Husqvarna 701 (set of 2)

PLEASE NOTE: XRC Clutch Covers and Damper Kits are made to order, as such there's an estimated one week wait as these are put together to be sent.

The XRC Taper Mounts (set of 2) are a replacement for the rubber bushes in the triple clamps, this allow you to set up the Anti Fatigue Mounts to a strong base. You use the cap screws from you standard mounts to fit the AF Mounts.

The XRC AF "Anti-Fatigue" Handlebar Dampening System also allows the bars to flex about 8mm -10mm at the end so when you hit a rock with your foot peg the bars wont shock your hands.

The XRC Anti-Fatigue Mount fits all Beta, KTM, Sherco, GasGas, Husqvarna.


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