XRC Premium Anti-Fatigue Handle Bar Mounts

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The XRC Premium Anti-Fatigue Handle Bar Mounts is a Handlebar Dampening System that helps stop numb fingers and sore arms. 

The XRC AF "Anti-Fatigue" Handlebar Dampening System also allows the bars to flex about 8mm -10mm at the end so when you hit a rock with your foot peg the bars wont shock your hands.

The AF system is supported by Urethane bushes designed to absorb engine and chassis vibrations. The system also dampens the forces acting on the handlebar in a horizontal and vertical direction, maintaining steering precision.

The handlebar can be adjusted in multiple positions when the HDS is mounted in its different setups.

The XRC Anti-Fatigue Mount fits all Beta, KTM, Sherco, GasGas, Husqvarna 

If you are considering adding a damper at a later stage you might want to purchase the damper type AF mounts with the cut out to add the damper at a later stage

Note: these will not fit KTM390 26mm bars.

Torque settings for the top clamp cap screws
16 Nm - 20 Nm
12 lb-ft - 15 lb-ft

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