Wheel Weight/Spoke Weight 14 Piece Set

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Wheel Weight/Spoke Weight 14 Piece Set. Balancing spoke weights is the easiest way to balance your new tyres in minutes at home. If you use rim locks and want to ride on the road these are your best friend.

Wheel Weight / Spoke Weight 14 Piece Set

  • You simply use a 2.5mm Allen Key to tighten the weights to the spokes and then re-check your wheel balance.
  • If the weights go to the top either put a bigger weight on or add another smaller weight until the wheel sits statically on your balancer.
  •  A typical balance will use 3 x 40mm/50 grams weights for the rear and 3 x 15 or 19-gram weights for the front
  • This will change if you have heavy rim locks.
  • 30 gram weights are 16mm diameter x 25mm long
  • Made from brass and chromed for good service life

What's in the Wheel Weight Set

14 weights

  • 2 x 19 grams
  • 2 x 25 grams
  • 2 x 30 grams
  • 2 x 38 grams
  • 2 x 43 grams
  • 2 x 50 grams
  • 2 x 62 grams

19 Gram weight is 15mm long
25 Gram weight is 20mm long
30 Gram weight is 25mm long
38 Gram weight is 30mm long
43 Gram weight is 35mm long
50 Gram weight is 40mm long
62 Gram weight is 50mm long


If you don't have a wheel balancer get a couple of 20-litre drums, put the axle through the wheel and then sit the wheel between the drums.  

Generally, the rim lock is the heavy spot, rotate the wheel so the rim lock is 90 degrees from the ground, let the wheel rotate and when it stops a apply the weights to the top of the rim, repeat the process until the wheel sits static, then you are ready to rock.

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