Visor Headlight (Beta 2020 Hi/Lo)

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Visor Headlight (Beta 2020 Hi/Lo) Kit Without Mask LED Visor-ST For Beta RR 2020  -  Hi / Lo beam model 

The Kit VISOR-ST LED for BETA RR 2016-2019 takes the lighting of your bike beyond what you thought was possible. The 4600 lumens of the Visor ST will allow you to enjoy the night time with safety. Not missing any detail of the path, and being very respectful towards your motorcycle looks.

Features of the Visor Headlight (Beta 2020 Hi/Lo)

  • Powered by 40W, it is only 5W more than the original bulb.
  • An electric cooling fan and more auxiliary led lights can also be installed at request while keeping the original stator.
  • Adjustable in height to adapt to all types of terrains and each rider's style.
  • Not certified for use on public roads.

Visor Headlight (Beta 2020 Hi/Lo) Kit includes

  • Technical specifications
  • Power watts 40W
  • Power Amps 3.33 at 12 volt
  • Luminous Intensity 4600 lumens
  • Colour of light 5500ºK
  • LEDS Led technology CREE
  • Waterproof Protection IP67
  • Approximate life 40,000 hours
  • Lens Polycarbonate
  • Screws, Stainless/galvanized
  • Mount Matte black powder-coated aluminium

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