Tubeless Rope / String Tire Repair Plugs

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It Can Be Used for All Kinds of Tubeless / TUBliss Tires

No Need for Glue

Essential for vehicles with tubeless tires, this Car Tire Repair Kit will let you mend the puncture quickly and effectively and have you on your way again within minutes


Please note that this repair strips should not be used to fix tyres with punctures bigger than 1/4" and should only be used as temporary fix, to allow you to reach your destination safely then you can repair your tyre permanently.

Do not try to repair any sidewall puncture.

25 Pack Includes:
  • 25 Repair Plugs
  • 100mm long x 6mm diameter

5 Pack Includes:
  • 5 Repair Plugs
  • 100mm long x 6mm diameter

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