ADAPTIV TPX Optional Wireless Headset

Regular price $199.00

The TPX Optional Wireless Headset creates a wireless link to the TPX Detector so that you can hear that the detector has activated.

The Wireless Headset alerts the rider of the radar or laser signal detected by the Main Console in a safe and effective manner by providing audio beeps through the earphone.

It is designed to fit most full or open face helmets with its earphone attaching to the ear-pocket or between the linings of the helmet. It is water resistant and is powered by a lithium coin cell battery (included).

Features of the TPX Optional Wireless Headset

  • Wireless Communication with TPX Main Console
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Compatible with Most Full and Open Face Helmets
  • Battery Included
  • Easy Battery Replacement
  • Includes: Wireless Headset, CR2450 Battery, Velcro for Helmet Attachment and Key Chain Screwdriver

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