Topeak Puncture Repair Kit FlyPaper Glueless

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Topeak Puncture Repair Kit FlyPaper Glueless are quick, clean and easy to use, suitable for high pressure tyres and will maintain a seal on road as well as high volume mountain applications. Only slightly larger than a two dollar coin, this is a handy puncture repair kit to keep in your pocket on any ride.

Have you ever been in a situation on a ride where you have had more punctures than you have spare tubes? If so you will appreciate this Topeak glueless patch kit.

Not simply a temporary, emergency fix to get you home, the Topeak FlyPaper glueless patch has a super sticky adhesive that holds like traditional glue and rubber patches, but without the hassle.

Topeak FlyPaper Glueless Patch Kit Contains

  • 6 self-adhesive patches
  • Sandpaper
  • Storage box

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