TecnoGlobe Heated Motorcycle Grips Gold Premium

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TecnoGlobe Heated Motorcycle Grips Gold Premium are heated grips for your bike that offer an integrated thermostatic switch and many other unique features.

The European-made TecnoGlobe Heated Motorcycle Grips are very thin to preserve a comfort grip. The grip's temperature rises very quickly to 49°C and consumes only 2.4 A and 28.8W  The temperature selector is integrated in the left grip, which makes its use particularly ergonomic and comfortable. There is a control display with LED for temperature indication and also warning if there is low battery. The length of the 120mm model offers 32mm external diameter.

Features of the TecnoGlobe Heated Motorcycle Grips Gold Premium

  • 5 temperature levels control for maximum biker's hands comfort
  • Temperature selected LED indicator and built-in low voltage alert
  • Motorcycle grips length 120mm
  • Ultra thin grip for better ride control
  • New Evolution version for a new grip design
  • INTEGRATED switch to the left grip
  • Temperature change fast and safe
  • Low battery alert
  • Last used position memory

This top heated grips range fit all European and Asian motorcycles with a 22mm handlebar, you just have to measure the length of your original grip to know if the 120mm model will suit.

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