TecnoGlobe DIN Socket Dual USB Charger Adapter for phone / GPS

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TecnoGlobe DIN Socket Dual USB Charger Adapter for phone/GPS. Fast charging to top up even the most power-hungry of USB devices. This compact charger has been specifically designed to charge your TomTom device or USB devices with high power requirements, like mobile phones and tablet computers. Use this plug along with your device's own USB data cable in order to charge, ideal for many GPS and smart phone devices.

Specifications of the TecnoGlobe USB Charger Adapter

  • 2 amp Dual USB Charger for motorcycle DIN (BMW style power socket)
  • Input 12-24v; Output 5v 2A
  • Not suitable for 2014 Ducati motorcycles
  • TWO USB ports; Water resistant weather cap
  • Power/charge two mobile devices simultaneously
  • DIN with double output

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