Sykik Mounted Tyre Pressure Monitor

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The Sykik SRTP300 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is designed to provide real-time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature on all 2-wheeled vehicles. Keeping your tyre pressure in the correct range not only can saves lives, it will also save fuel and extend the lifespan of your tyres.

This wireless system is easy to install in minutes - just set the range of tyre pressures and maximum temperatures and you are good to go. In case of a sudden drop in tyre pressure, you will be alerted to take the necessary precautions.

The fully waterproof 38mm monitor can be installed in a variety of locations, and a handlebar mount for round bars is included. The unit interface is a standard 1/4" screw hole, which can be used with many different mounts. 

The monitor is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery with a long life of 6-9 months. The battery is charged by a USB cable (included). The display is a bright color screen, clearly visible day and night. In case of sudden air loss or an air leak, the display flashes red and blue and beeps to catch your attention.

Fully waterproof sensors wirelessly broadcast to send tyre pressure and temperature to the monitor. Simply screw the sensors on top of your metal tyre stems. The sensors are the smallest and lightest on the market today. 

The sensors are locked into place with lock-nuts to prevent theft. Sensors are powered by a small watch battery (CR1225, included) which lasts about one year. A tool to secure lock-nuts and change the battery is included.

Product features:

  • Fully waterproof 38mm display - casing 50mm x 50mm, 25mm depth
  • Long battery life (6 - 9 months) with USB charge cable included
  • Bright and loud alert in case of sudden tyre pressure drop
  • Fully waterproof sensors wirelessly broadcast to the monitor
  • Sensors powered by CR1225 batteries (included) with 1 year battery life
  • Lock-nuts prevent theft of sensors
  • All new metal handlebar mount with a low profile and enhanced durability (accommodates up to 1.25" round handlebars)

Package includes:

  • Waterproof main unit with multi-colour display
  • Set of tyre sensors
  • Set of lock-nuts
  • Lock-nut/battery changing tool
  • Handlebar mount
  • USB charging cord
  • Instruction manual

Note: If your tyre stems are made of rubber, please do not use external sensors as they can rupture the stems.

Note: Default settings are in PSI and Fahrenheit - High Pressure 45 PSI, Low Pressure 27 PSI, High Temperature 150°F (65°C).