Spark Arrestor Stainless Steel Mesh C/W Hose Clamp

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Using a Spark Arrestor Stainless Steel Mesh C/W Hose Clamp will make you a responsible off-road motorcycle rider ... fit a Spark Arrestor to your dirt bike's exhaust muffler to minimize the risk of fire caused by particles exiting your exhaust system.

The majority of Trailride organisers require you to have these fitted as a condition of entry to their ride.

Construction of the Spark Arrestor

The Spark Arrestors are constructed from high quality stainless steel mesh with an interlocking, folded and crimped seam which is spot welded along it's length.

  • The closed end is folded and secured with stainless steel rivets.
  • All Spark Arrestors are supplied complete with a stainless steel clamp.

Spark Arrestor Sizes

We supply three stock sizes as follows:

  • Small       300mm circumference (95mm diameter)
  • Medium  340mm circumference (108mm diameter)
  • Large        370mm circumference (117mm diameter)

  • Custom sizes can be made to order please contact us for a quote

Quick Guide for size

  • Small Size,  KTM, Beta, Husky, Sherco 125/200, Xtrainer
  • Medium Size, KTM, Beta, Husky, Sherco 250/300
  • Large Size, KTM, Beta, Husky, Sherco 4 strokes

Measuring for a Spark Arrestor

Please check your muffler size before ordering

A simple way to do this is with a dressmakers measuring tape which will wrap easily around your muffler. Be sure to measure at the largest circumference point that the spark arrestor is required to pass over including rivet and screw heads.

Fitting the Spark Arrestor

We recommend wearing protective gloves while handling the spark arrestor.

It is recommended when fitting the Spark Arrestor to leave as much length as practical protruding from the end of the exhaust pipe.

The Spark Arrestor can be fitted to a smaller diameter pipe by creating a fold in the mesh before securing the hose clamp as per the above photo.

Maintenance of the Spark Arrestor

Remove carbon, mud and other deposits regularly to minimise exhaust gas restriction.


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