SOTO Wide Mouth Fuel Bottle 1000ml

Regular price $38.99

Use these bottles as a companion to the Muka Stove. The wide mouth is sized for the Muka Stove pump and makes pouring fuel in and cleaning up easy. Two sizes to choose from, each with a fuel level indicator so that you leave enough air to pressurise the gasoline.



  • Wide mouth makes it easy to pour fuel into and you can see the fuel level
  • Mark on outside shows how far to fill
  • Wide mouth also makes it easy to clean up
  • Capacity: 480ml gas (700ml), 720ml (1 Litre)
  • Dimensions: 7.4cm diameter x 22cm (700ml), 7.4cm diameter x 29cm (1 Litre), both have a 3.4cm mouth diameter
  • Average weight: 146g (700ml), 178g (1 Litre)

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