SmartCarb SC2 (38mm)

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SmartCarb SC2 (38mm). SmartCarb has spent years refining every facet and feature of the SC2, making it the biggest leap forward for Technology Elevated's flagship model since 2012.

This new generation fuel system provides the same unmatched performance gains enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts in over 80 countries worldwide, only now in the most accessible, plug-and-play format they’ve ever made.

  • Substantially shorter end-to-end (direct fit for all modern 2-stroke dirt bikes)
  • Revised throttle cable retention (works with stock throttle cables)
  • Internal vent passages (clean, slim form-factor)
  • TPS plug-and-play (optional)

SmartCarbs are designed and manufactured in the USA to provide extremely fine fuel atomization, precise air/fuel mixture control, and ambient air density compensation. These innovative features are delivered in a single-circuit, flat slide, variable venturi, mechanical fuel system.

Hewn from beautiful billet aluminium, the SC2 has been crafted to the tightest tolerances in order to deliver the excellent performance gains that customers have come to expect from SmartCarb technology.

SmartCarb is similar to Lectron but has many more advantages listed below, want the best, SmartCarb is your first choice

The SmartCarb is a direct replacement for the Keihin and Mikuni Carbs fitting Beta RR250/ RR300, Sherco, KTM, Gas Gas, Husqvarna

 Performance Guarantees

  • Ride Faster (+10% Horsepower)
  • Ride Farther (+30% Fuel Economy)
  • Enjoy crisp, clean, linear throttle response bottom to top!

Tuning/Ease of Use

  • Easy External Adjustability (no tools required)
  • Ambient Air Density Compensation (no tuning required for elevation, temperature, or humidity)
  • Accepts all modern stock throttle cables
  • Single Circuit Design (no jets, no accelerator pump, no power-jet)
  • Set it and forget it!

Other Features of SmartCarb SC2 (38mm)

  • No fuel spillage (internally vented, sealed system)
  • Reduced emissions output (30-50% reduction)
  • TPS plug-and-play (optional add-on or as a kit)
  • Premium, durable construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

 NOTE: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) recommended for:

  • Applications using 3D ignition systems requiring TPS input
  • Applications using TPS input for oil injection (Betas) or for servo-controlled power valves
  • Applications using aftermarket ECUs with advanced mapping features requiring TPS input

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