SmartCarb Metering Rod

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The SMARTCARB Metering Rod enables correct adjustment of the SMARTCARB carburetors, allowing for exact tuning.

The SMARTCARB carburetors are set up and adjusted without having to experiment with different sizes of carburetor jets. A few clicks on the rotatable knurled adjustment wheel, on the top of the carburetor, are sufficient! The rotation of the wheel alters the height of the internal needle, or metering rod.

  • Vast range of various grades available
  • Enable the perfect set up of all SMARTCARB carburetors
  • Simple replacement

The metering rod is the only component that allows replacement on the SMARTCARB, in case they are of the wrong grade. It is located in the position normally occupied, in more conventional venturi carburetors, by a jet needle. SmartCarb's version though has a completely different construction and is responsible for more functions.

The SmartCarb Metering Rods are available in various lengths and gradients, on the flat rear surface. If you are experiencing difficulties while setting up the carburetor to suit your motors requirements, it is recommended that another grade of metering rod be installed.

Download the SmartCarb Metering Rod Guide here.

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