Sidi X-3 Enduro Boots (MX Sole)

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The Sidi X-3 Enduro Boots (MX Sole) are perfect for enduro or adventure riders looking for technical, highly protective, pro-level featured boots that can handle rigorous off-road adventures but without the pro-level price.

The laminated Technomicro shell shrugs off contact with water and abrasion better than natural leather - without the need for routine care and conditioning. The Single Flex System at the ankle limits axial rotation and is matched by reinforced hard armor on the outside. The four cam lock buckles along the upper and the Davos-style enduro sole (engineered for impeccable peg feel) are fully replaceable. The Cambrelle inner lining is perforated to maintain airflow and treated with Teflon for easy care over many seasons and many stream crossings. Proven Crossfire level laminated Technomicro doesn't stretch or absorb water even under the most extreme conditions.

With an adjustable calf system and a super grip enduro sole the Sidi X-3’s are a serious boot ready to tackle some serious adventure. But that’s not the only feature the X-3 has to offer riders …

Features of the Sidi X-3 Enduro Boots (MX Sole)

  • MX Sole
  • Nylon insole no dangerous steel shank
  • Tongue in grove rear of calf panels protect the Achilles tendon
  • Removable arch support
  • Inner heat shield
  • Internal malleolus plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones
  • Toe area covered in protective plastic
  • Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel with hyper extension block for maximum protection
  • Replaceable micro adjustable cam lock buckle system with memory straps
  • Lower buckle protected against opening because of an impact by a guard
  • All bolt-on parts are replaceable
  • Slim, cool non-bootie design
  • Single Flex System upper
  • Will provide comfort, durability, and protection
  • Made from the finest quality materials

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How to fit the X-3 Enduro Boots (MX Sole)

Sidi boots tend to run a little on the narrow side, and riders still need to account for winter and summer socks they might wear with the boots. We have a range of boot socks if you're looking to get new socks that are riding-specific. The calf is adjustable for larger calves. View the Sidi Boot sizing chart.

 Sidi x-3 Enduro Boot Size Chart

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