Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boots

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The Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boots are motocross boots ideal for adventure riders keen on a very high level of protection while, thanks to the TA sole, maintaining excellent rear brake feel and the ability to walk relatively freely.

The TA (Traditional Application) sole is anti-skid rubber sewn in and can be easily replaced by a shoe cobbler. The Crossfire 3 TA is identical in features to the Crossfire 3 SRS Boot with the exception of the sole. 

The Sidi Crossfires are arguably the best adventure motorcycling boots available and are highly rated by New Zealand adventure riders, as well as enduro, motocross, trail, and off-road motorcyclists around the world. These boots offer an epic range of protective features including the Hyper Extension Block System - a major injury-saving feature - and fitting is made easy with plenty of adjustment for bigger calves or for knee braces. They are taller than most road boots to offer protection when navigating around trees and rocks, as well as simply providing extra support.

Sidi Crossfire boots are designed for aggressive off-road abuse, and riders that wear them routinely put them to the test. If you're not sure about making the investment, ask your fellow adventure riders, we guarantee you'll get some great feedback. Alternatively check out this review on the Crossfire SRS (the same boot, different sole) and simply disregard the discussion on the SRS sole.

Features of the Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boots

  • Ankle pivot system designed to have a hard limit of foot/ankle hyperextension
  • Laminated Technomicro used as the base material in all areas
  • Slim, cool non-bootie design
  • Calf plate system features an inner double adjustment that expands to fit even the largest calf or knee brace system
  • Nylon insole
  • An inner heat shield made of high-grip material
  • Inner boot gaiter has a larger circumference than the Crossfire 2 making for a tight seal around the rider’s lower leg no matter which knee brace system may be used
  • Upper inside of the gaiter features an anti-heat suede protection-grip panel
  • Removable arch support
  • Toe area covered in protective plastic
  • Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel holds the riders foot firm and resists twisting while offering added protection
  • Replaceable, sleek, micro-adjustable cam lock buckle system with memory retention nylon straps
  • All buckles move independently of each other and have just one fixed point (by a screw) allowing an easy closure
  • Buckles adapt to the rider’s position as they pivot on the mounting screw as the rider changes position on the bike
  • Lower buckle guards help protect against opening due to an impact
  • Central strap system can be replaced
  • Lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area for comfort
  • Upper lined with Teflon mesh which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat
  • Boot dries quickly preventing the onset of mould
  • All bolt-on parts are replaceable, including shin plate
  • Malleolus external plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones
  • Dual Flex System upper offers the industry’s best fit, especially with knee braces
  • Assembled and replaceable boot leg is stitch-free and is 1cm taller than the Crossfire 2
  • Bootleg fully assembled with screws, stitch-free and entirely replaceable
  • Replaceable inner kick starter/foot peg nylon guard on the inside area of both boots

Are the Sidi Crossfires Waterproof?

The Sidi Crossfire boots are water resistant, not waterproof, but do offer a good level of water resistance from showers and mud. Unless there is continuous driving rain or unless you wade into a river, you will stay relatively dry. If you would like to improve your water resistance, you could try using waterproof socks.

How to fit the Crossfire 3 TA Boots

Sidi boots tend to run a little on the narrow side, and riders still need to account for winter and summer socks they might wear with the boots. We have a range of boot socks if you're looking to get new socks that are riding-specific. The calf is adjustable for larger calves or knee braces. View the Sidi Boot sizing chart.

Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boot Size Chart

Find the Crossfire Spares List to view the spare parts available.

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