Sea To Summit eVent® Dry Compression Sack

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The Sea To Summit eVent® Dry Compression Sack does not use a purge valve, instead, this innovation uses air-permeable eVent® fabric on the base, which allows air to be pushed out of the sack, while stopping water getting in. This is a lighter, simpler and more reliable solution than a purge valve. The body is made of a tough 70D Polyurethane-coated fabric. It has a non-wicking roll-top closure like the rest of our dry sack range and a lid with four straps for even compression.

Keep your gear dry and compressed as small as possible inside your pack, watercraft, or anywhere space is an issue.

Sizes of the eVent® Dry Compression Sack

    • XS - 6L, 15cm x 35cm, 107g, compresses down to 2L volume
    • S - 10L, 18cm x 40cm, 129g, compresses down to 3.3L volume
    • M - 14L, 20cm x 46cm, 148g, compresses down to 4.5L volume
    • L - 20L, 23cm x 50cm, 168g, compresses down to 6.7L volume
    • XL - 30L, 27cm x 58cm, 210g, compresses down to 10L volume

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