Scottoiler Micro vSystem Motorcycle Chain Oiler

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Scottoiler Micro vSystem Motorcycle Chain Oiler is a new option for customers looking for a smaller-sized oiler unit. It uses the same great technology as the standard vSystem, but with a smaller reservoir (35ml or approx 1,200km), making it easier to fit on motorcycles with limited space for installation. The kit includes all of the installation pieces needed, instructions, reservoir and warranty – oil is not included to allow customers the chance to select their own oil including the new All Climate Biodegradable Green Scottoil.

The Essentials Micro vSystem uses a gravity feed – powered by the engine vacuum – to push oil through and lubricate the sprocket face, and therefore the chain. Your chain will be lubricated as you ride – consistently with your adjustable settings – with the lubrication stopping when you stop.

Features of the Scottoiler Micro vSystem Motorcycle Chain Oiler

  • Vacuum operated
  • Gravity feed
  • Temperature sensitive
  • Analogue adjustment on reservoir
  • Operates while engine is running
  • Compact reservoir

It is easily installed and can be fitted to most bikes in an hour or two – check out the Model-specific Install Guides to find out how easy it is to fit.

Download the vSystem Fitting Instructions - Visual Installation Guide here.

When you need an oil refill, we stock Scottoil Standard Blue oil refills.

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