ROK Strap Adjustable with Loops 60" 1500mm

Regular price $25.00

ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Straps with loops. With a stretch design help to prevent your load from shifting:

  • Adjustable length for a multitude of applications
  • Easy-to-use buckles for quick connections

Features of the ROK Strap Adjustable with Loops 60" 1500mm

  • 25mm/ 1" x 1400mm/ 54" secures up to 90lbs (40kg) and is adjustable from 450mm/18" to 1400mm/54"
  • Polyester braided webbing
  • Flat shock cord to minimize pressure on load
  • UV- / shatter- / crack-resistant quick-release buckles
  • Corrosion-proof and rot-resistant
  • No sharp hooks
  • Sold as a pair


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