Rocky Creek Dual USB Power Adapter

Regular price $62.90

Charging your phone, GPS, torch, radio, or any other USB device is now super easy with the dual outlet charger, with 2.1amps per socket charging is fast and easy. 
Hard wire your charging solution to your bike battery with the Rocky Creek PA018 Dual USB Power Adapter. 

The two USB power ports offer 5V/2.1A per socket, and when powered on will display your battery voltage. The USB charging ports supply enough power to charge devices like phones, tablets, trackers, GPS etc.


  • Total length of main body 43mm
  • Thread outside diameter 28.50mm
  • Thread length 25mm long
  • Outside diameter of the front panel 37mm

Note: Wire to come on when the ignition is turned on. We recommend installation by an auto electrician.

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