Risk Racing Palm Protectors

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Risk Racing Palm Protectors can be worn under gloves and offer full coverage protection against blisters and help reduce arm pump. Motocross and trail riders are all too familiar with blisters... they can tear up the hand of even the strongest riders. 

Blisters can make holding onto your handlebars a painful and sometimes dangerous experience due to loss of grip. They can single-handedly take the enjoyment out of your ride, force you to take time off the bike, and more seriously, cause infection. 

Knowing the debilitating effects of blisters, it was the goal of Risk Racing engineers to develop a solution that offered full coverage protection to the areas of the hand which are affected by intense friction, rubbing, heat and moisture.

    Motocross racers, trail riders, and road racers alike can benefit from the Palm Protectors.

    Features of the Risk Racing Palm Protectors

      FULL COVERAGE PROTECTION: Palm Protectors are a very thin, protective layer offering full coverage protection of the palm as well as the saddle area between the index finger and thumb. 

        REDUCE ARM PUMP: The Palm Protectors also aid in reducing the dreaded “Arm Pump” by absorbing vibration transferred through the handlebars.

          WEAR UNDER GLOVES: Worn under the gloves, riders don’t even notice the ultra-thin Palm Protectors, but they do recognize the vibration reduction and much-needed protection against blisters.

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