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Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head

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This is the latest model charging head by Quad Lock.

** USB Power Source Required **

Compatible with all Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts


  • iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 11, SE (2nd Gen), X/Xs, Xs Max, XR, 8 Plus, 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+, S21, Note20 Ultra, Note20, S20 FE, S20 Ultra, S20+, S20, Note10, Note10+, Note9, S10+, S10, S10e, S9+, S9, S8+ and S8
  • Google Pixel 5, 4, 4 XL, 3, 3 XL
  • Huawei P40 Pro and P30 Pro

The Wireless Charging Head is not compatible with the Universal Adaptor


Easily use GPS navigation without draining your smartphone's battery. Featuring 5W, 7.5W & 10W charging you can quickly charge your smartphone on the way to your next destination.

Please Note:
* Fast charging (7.5W and 10W) requires a 9v power supply (not included).
** The S21, S20 and Note20 ranges will charge wirelessly at a maximum of 5W


The dual-stage lock means you can ride with confidence as your smartphone is securely mounted to your motorcycle while it charges.


Rain happens. So the Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head is IP66 Water Resistant, allowing you to ride through the elements. IP stands for Ingress Protection.

This is used to define the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies such as dirt and water.

The rating consists of the letters IP followed by 2 digits, the first digit stands for the level of protection that the enclosure provides against solid bodies, the second digit describes the degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against water.


First Digit Intrusion Protection Second Digit Moisture Protection
0 No protection. 0 No protection.
1 Protected against solid objects over 50mm, e.g. accidental touch by hands. 1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water, e.g. condensation.
2 Protected against solid objects over 12mm, e.g. fingers. 2 Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15 degrees from the vertical.
3 Protected against solid objects over 2.5mm, e.g. tools & wires. 3 Protected against direct sprays of water up to 60 degrees from the vertical.
4 Protected against solid objects over 1mm, e.g. wires & nails. 4 Protected against water splashed from all directions, limited ingress permitted.
5 Protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits. 5 Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted.
6 Totally protected against dust. 6 Protected against strong jets of water, e.g. on ships deck, limited ingress permitted.


The Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head comes with everything needed to install with your Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount (sold separately). It also comes with USB-A to USB-C cables to charge directly with your bike's USB power source. 

What's Included:

  • Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head
  • 50cm (20 inch) USB-A to USB-C cable
  • 1.5m (59 inch) USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Hex Key
  • M5 x 35 SS304 CSK Screw
  • x5 Zip Ties

Please Note:

Quad Lock Mount Sold Separately

Whilst some bikes have a USB port pre-installed, riders without this option will need to provide their own motorcycle USB charger. This needs to have a minimum power output of 5V 2A to power the wireless charger sufficiently. We also recommend QC 2.0 to achieve faster charging speeds if supported by your device. 


  • Dual-stage lock
  • Built from a combination of die-cast aluminium and reinforced plastics
  • 5W, 7.5W & 10W charging (fast charging capabilities)
  • IP66 Water-Resistant
  • Minimum recommended input from 5V/2A USB-A port
  • LED light for status indication
  • Portrait or Landscape mounting for optimal viewing
  • Aluminium rear housing to dissipate heat
  • CE/FCC certified
  • On/Off button to power device

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