Pyramid Shock Shield: Triumph Tiger 900 2020+

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Pyramid Shock Shield: Triumph Tiger 900 2020+ offers added protection whilst remaining inconspicuous - Not suitable for use in conjunction with rear huggers.

Fitment list

Triumph Tiger 900
Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low
Triumph Tiger 900 GT
Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro
Triumph Tiger 900 Rally
Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Pyramid Shock Shields offer enhanced protection from debris and spray thrown up from the rear wheel protecting both your shock absorber and linkage from the elements not to mention the back of your legs. Our Shock Shields are designed specifically for your motorcycle offering superior protection whilst still remaining inconspicuous. Easy to install and maintain our Shock Shields will arrive safely packaged together with comprehensive fitting instructions and any additional fittings which may be required. No modification to your motorcycle is necessary.  

Click here for the Pyramid Shock Shield fitting instructions.

Features of the Pyramid Shock Shield: Triumph Tiger 900 2020+

  • Weight: 150g
  • Matte black
  • Manufactured from ABS

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