Poweroad PLFP-14BL Lithium ION 280CCA 8-16Ah Battery

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Poweroad PLFP-14BL Lithium ION 280CCA 8-16Ah Battery.

Dimensions: 134mm x 65mm x 92mm

Features of the Poweroad PLFP-14BL Lithium ION 280CCA 8-16Ah Battery

  • Extensive Life Cycle - More than 4X longer life than lead acid battery
  • High-Rate Discharge - Maximum continuous discharge current up to 70-80C
  • Cold Temperature Performance - Outstanding cold crank power that outperforms other products
  • Robust Brass Terminal - Offer an enhanced electrical and mechanical performance
  • Dynamic Charge Acceptance - Super-fast charging rate through high current
  • Heat Resistance - 230°C high temperature resistance thanks to formulated flame retardant case material by our R&D
  • Low Self-Discharge - Able to start the vehicle after 12 months storage
  • Waterproof Design - Silicone sealant makes excellent sealing performance
  • Lighter Weight - Up to 60% lighter than comparable lead acid batteries, much more suitable for racing bike, dirt bike and Harley
  • Safety & Social Responsibility - No toxic, no acid fill, no leak risk, no heavy metals. Can be installed in any direction. Environmentally friendly

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