Polisport Clutch & Ignition Cover Combo Kit

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Polisport widens its line of bike protections with the new Clutch and Ignition Cover Protector Kit, developed with exclusive Polisport design. Available for the majority of the off-road brands and models. Polisport Clutch and Ignition Cover Protector Kits will excel in rocky terrains and protect your clutch cover from impacts and scratches, allowing for the better resale value of your bike by keeping the aluminium clutch cover untouched.

  • Built-in rubber o-ring
  • Easy and intuitive installation
  • Perfect fit to the Ignition Cover and the Clutch Cover
  • Optimum protection against rock impacts
  • All mounting hardware included for installing the part
  • Slim design
  • Resistant to high continuous temperatures
  • Available in black and brand colours



  • '18 - '21 RR300 2T
  • '18 - '21 X-Trainer 300