Pivot Pegz MK3 Toppers

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Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Toppers, designed as an easy solution to make the Pivot Pegz MK3 street-compatible. The unique, innovative design provides a wide flat foot platform and make a great addition to Pivot Pegz Mark 3 (sold separately).

The Pivot Pegz Topper allows you to convert your off-road peg to a smoother road-worthy foundation.

Kit Contents = One left-hand Topper, one right-hand Topper, eight cable ties, Pivot Pegz Sticker and Instruction Sheet.

Features of the Pivot Pegz MK3 Toppers

  • Openings allow mud/dirt to pass through
  • Easy and quick to get on/off
  • Fits over the aggressively toothed Pivot Pegz and features small rounded grips to keep your foot comfortably in place
  • Protects your boots when riding on road
  • Securely easily with zip ties
  • Reduced vibration
  • Extra comfort

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