Oxford Quartz XA6 Alarm Disc Lock

Regular price $94.00

The Oxford Quartz XA6 Alarm Disk Lock constructed from zinc alloy and features a 6mm hardened steel locking pin making it ideal for motorcycles and scooters. The loud 110dB Alarm Siren is movement activated and powered by a Lithium CR2 Long Life battery.

Features of the Oxford Quartz XA6 Alarm Disc Lock

  • Tough & Durable Disc Lock
  • Ideal for scooters and motorcycles
  • Powered by a lithium CR2 long-life battery
  • Twin-spar lock chassis for double strength & cut resistance
  • Alloy construction with 6mm hardened locking pin
  • The unique design includes minder cable attachment eye
  • Comes with 3 keys

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