OptiMate Cable O-02

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OptiMate Cable O-02 is OptiMate's ideal dual adapter, easily and quickly charge your battery through DIN or auto socket.

Features of the OptiMate Cable O-02

  • Fits both auto and bike sockets
  • Trusted by OEM's Honda, Triumph, Suzuki and Yamaha
  • Inline 8A fuse protects against potential short circuits
  • Secure locking clips - vibrations proof
  • Low-temperature use -20°C - Remains flexible!

Specifications of the OptiMate Cable O-02

  • Plug with twist-off adapter, fits ø12mm BIKE/DIN or ø21mm AUTO sockets, power delivered through an industry-standard 2-pole SAE connector.
  • LENGTH: 50cm
  • CONNECTORS: ø21mm AUTO socket / ø12mm BIKE Plug to SAE
  • CABLE RATING: 18AWG (0.82mm2) SPT-2
  • FUSE: 8 Amp (inside connector)
  • USE: -20°C low-temperature use
  • STYLE: Includes in-line rubber seal for OptiMATE heavy-duty SAE connector.
  • WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty

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