ODI MX Lock On Grips No Waffle

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ODI MX Lock On grips no waffle.

These No-Waffle grips feature a thin profile perfect for small hands or those who like to get more response from the bike. The diamondized surface pattern provides an excellent source of traction.

ODI have redesigned the Lock On System to make it easier to install and provide more comfort. By eliminating the ouside clamp, they have made the NEW Lock-on system ideal for riders who prefer to ride on the outside edge of their grips. It’s also ideal for riders who prefer rubber ends as opposed to end plugs. The heavy duty clamp on the inside of the clutch side is strong enough to hold your grip in place without any twisting or slipping.

Kit Includes:

Cams for both 2 & 4 stroke applications to fit most 125cc and up 2 strokes + most 250cc and up 4 strokes.


  • Thin Profile and Feel
  • Medium Compound
  • Diamondized surface pattern