ODI MX Lock On Grips EMIG2 PRO

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ODI MX Lock On grips EMIG2 Pro. When the multi-time AMA Champion Jeff Emig wanted to revive his family brand EMIG Racing he came to ODI to develop a new grip. After being introduced to the new V2 Lock-On Grip system Jeff immediately saw the benefits of the new technology. In addition to the ease of installation, Jeff found that there were larger benefits such as a new smooth throttle tube with every new pair. He put his own custom design to the V2 system to develop "The best grip for racer's on the planet."

ODI have redesigned the Lock On System to make it easier to install and provide more comfort. By eliminating the ouside clamp, they have made the NEW Lock-on system ideal for riders who prefer to ride on the outside edge of their grips. It’s also ideal for riders who prefer rubber ends as opposed to end plugs. The heavy duty clamp on the inside of the clutch side is strong enough to hold your grip in place without any twisting or slipping. 

Kit Includes:

Cams for both 2 & 4 stroke applications to fit most 125cc and up 2 strokes + most 250cc and up 4 strokes.

Features of the ODI MX Lock On Grips 1/2 Waffle

  • 100% Slip-Free Performance Guaranteed
  • Simple Installation and Removal Without Waiting for Glue to Dry
  • Throttle Tube Included with Snap On Cam to match more models
  • Knockout Ends Easily Accommodate Handguards
  • No safety wire required means longer grip life, even in the event of a crash
  • Medium Diameter knurled pattern EMIG Design includes a special designed half-waffle pattern with thumb relief


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