Nylon Rim Lock

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Thes Nylon Rim Locks are constructed from a high-strength nylon composite material in a one-piece moulded design, nylon rim locks weigh up to half as much as a standard aluminium rim lock while gripping the tire more securely and protecting the inner tube better than a traditional rubber rim lock. Their contoured shape reduces abrasions and heat of the tube which provides a more constant and accurate pressure. These Nylon Rim Locks are designed with angled and tapered ribs that lock your tyre securely to the rim, preventing tyre movement and a ripped valve.



  • Lightweight and impact resistant
  • Contoured shape reduces abrasions and heat of the inner tube
  • Angled and tapered ribs secure the tyre to the rim
  • Constructed from high-strength nylon composite material
  • Up to half the weight of an aluminium rim lock
  • Grips more securely than a traditional rubber rim lock
  • One-piece moulded design

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