Nemo 2 Chain Oiler

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The NEMO 2 Chain Oiler is an onboard, on-demand chain oiling system that’ll keep your chain lubed for maximum life.

It can be mounted almost anywhere on your bike and you control the flow so your chain is lubed only when needed.

  • Rides in the rain
  • Fast rides
  • Rides in a dusty environment
  • A certain mileage

A flexible tube runs from the NEMO reservoir to the swingarm, then down to an arm that puts the lube exactly where it’s needed on the rollers, then it self-distributes onto the side plates and sprocket teeth.

Features of the Nemo 2 Chain Oiler

NEMO 2 consists of three interconnected work chambers that provide the following:

  • Easy NEMO 2 control
  • Continuous oil displacement under pressure, therefore uniform lubrication and maximum chain lifetime lubrication of NEMO 2 internal parts in order to obtain high reliability and long service
  • NEMO 2 works on the principle of compression, the oil is displaced under pressure (it does not flow out by gravity). Therefore it is not necessary to change the oil depending on the ambient temperature. It works reliably in warm and in cold weather.

NEMO works with a simple twist of the upper reservoir - a 1/4 turn delivers a measured amount of lube to the chain for the next 3 minutes. 

The reservoir holds about 30cc chain lube which is enough for 4-5 days on the trail. When it's empty, unscrew the cap, fill it up, and you're ready to roll (and lube). 

You can use 75W80 gear lube, ATF, motor oil, or a commercial liquid chain lube.

Specifications of the Nemo 2 Chain Oiler

  • Weight:  145g (empty)
  • Dimensions:  53mm wide x 53mm high (not including mounting bracket)
  • Mounting Bracket:  19mm x 25mm flat tab with 6mm hole
  • Oil Hose:  4mm OD, approx. 244cm long (enough hose for a spare)
  • Oil Capacity:  30cc
  • Oiling sequences before empty:  Approx. 15
  • Oiling Time:  Approx. 3 minutes per 1/4 turn of the cap

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