Mox Universal GPS Mount for Handlebar Mount

Regular price $89.95

The Mox Universal Motorcycle GPS Mount, featuring an AMPS Pattern RAM Ball, is effortlessly installed on handlebars or dash with compatible bolt-hole centers for Ram Mounts and Garmin. This allows easy base plate positioning for speedometer reading, quick setup facilitated by slots, and precision CNC machining with a durable anodised finish for long-lasting style.

Features of the Mox Universal Motorcycle GPS Mount With AMPS Pattern RAM Ball

  • One of our simplest mounts to set up on your handlebars or dash
  • Bolt hole centres are all compatible with Ram Mounts, Garmin
  • Bolt hole adjustments allow you to set the base plate in your preferred position for reading your speedo
  • Simply set it up, the slots make for an easy and fast setup
  • CNC machined for accurate, clean and durable finish
  • Anodized for a hard-wearing surface and long-term good looks

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