Mox Universal GPS Mount Handlebar Mount

Regular price $89.95

Mox Universal GPS Motorcycle Mount Handlebar Clamp is effortless to install on handlebars with a 2-bolt setup, as it offers adjustable bolt holes for compatibility with Ram Mounts and Garmin, and allows for customised positioning for optimal speedometer reading, and crafted with precision CNC machining for a durable and aesthetically pleasing anodised finish.

Mox Universal GPS Motorcycle Mount Handlebar Clamp w/ AMPS Pattern Features

  • Our simplest mount to set up on your handlebar mounts, 2 bolts to mount, then simply rotate the base plate to get the right angle
  • Bolt hole centres are all compatible with Ram Mounts, and Garmin
  • Bolt hole adjustments allow you to set the base plate in your preferred position for reading your speedo
  • CNC machined for accurate, clean and durable finish
  • Anodized for a hard-wearing surface and long-term good looks

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