Mox Sprocket Cush Drive Rear Sprocket

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Mox Sprocket Cush Drive Rear Sprocket offers many advantages over standard sprockets.

Benefits of the Mox Sprocket for your motorbike include: extended life of the tyre, chain, gearbox and clutch; less wear on the countershaft, and the ability for gears to be run at lower revs before any chain chatter.

Benefits of the Mox Sprocket for you, as a rider, include: less vibration through the footpegs, seat and handlebars; less rider fatigue; smoother motor and chain through the rev range, and easier throttle control at lower RPM.

The Cushion Drive Mox Sprocket is available for the following bikes and the sprockets teeth numbers are available from 45T to 52T

The Mox sprocket will fit the following -

Inside Diameter (ID ) / Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)

  • Beta: ID 125mm / PCD 152mm
  • Husaberg: ID 125mm / PCD 150mm
  • Husqvarna ID 125mm / PCD 150mm
  • KTM: ID 125mm / PCD 150
  • Yamaha WR250 – 450: ID 130mm / PCD 150mm
  • Plus other bikes with the same hub and bolt size.

If you are not sure of the Sprocket ID (Inside Diameter) or PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) then check this link to see if your bike will fit -  Sprocket size 

The Mox Sprocket uses 24 Urethane bushes that separate the outer sprocket from the inner hub to take out chain pulsing, vibration and chain chatter. 

The Mox sprockets have many advantages for the bike and the rider.

Mox Sprocket Cush Drive Rear Sprocket Motorbike Advantages

  • Longer tyre life
  • Longer Chain life
  • Less wear on the countershaft
  • Longer gearbox life
  • Longer clutch life
  • Gears can be run to a lower rev range before chain chatter

Mox Sprocket Cush Drive Rear Sprocket Rider Advantages

  • Less vibration through the footpegs
  • Less vibration through the seat
  • Less vibration through the handlebars
  • Less rider fatigue
  • Smoother motor through the rev range
  • Smoother chain through the rev range
  • Easier throttle control at lower RPM

All these advantages plus a cost-saving of roughly a fifth of the value of a full cush hub and at 980 grams for the 45T sprocket mounted on a standard hub is roughly a third of the weight of a full cush hub with a standard sprocket. 

The outer sprocket can be changed from 45T to 52T teeth at any time without having to purchase a whole new sprocket. 

We have a Service Kit (sold separately) to replace the bushes and screws to keep your sprocket working nicely.

  • The Mox Sprocket has no daily maintenance requirements, however, when you adjust and lube your chain a visual check of the sprocket is good workmanship.
  • If you are punishing your bike off-road only and enduro etc we recommend the bushes are checked every 50 hours.
  • If you are adventure riding, on/off-road we recommend the bushes are checked every 5000km depending on the terrain and bike cc size.
  • We recommend using a 14T front sprocket for optimal performance with the Mox Sprocket, 15T can be used but it is smoother with the 14T or smaller.

International Sales of the Mox Sprocket Cush Drive Rear Sprocket

We post Mox Sprockets to Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, and UK. We have freight options for non tracked and tracked. You can check the postage price options by putting the Sprocket in your cart and adding your country. If you are unsure please email us and we will send you the information. 

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