Mox Bar Riser Spacer Kit (4) 10mm blocks With Cap Screws

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The Mox Bar Riser Spacer Kit (4) 10mm blocks in 10mm increments for KTM, Beta, Sherco, and Husqvarna.

If you are a tall person and want to make your ride position more comfortable the Mox Bar risers are your best friend, set in 10mm increments for your own personal preference.

The saying "less is best" is true for risers, the more you put in the further you get away from factory specs however you still want a comfortable ride hence having 10mm increments makes these tunable to your personal preference.

These work well with the XRC Anitfatigue Mounts 

Whats in the kit ?
4x 10mm riser blocks
2x M10 Capscrews

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