MotoZ RallZ Tyre 150/70-18"

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Introducing the Motoz RallZ Tire, an exceptional choice for riders seeking a versatile and rugged tyre:

With its roots in the popular Tractionator Adventure, the RallZ takes off-road traction to the next level, ensuring you have the grip you need in all weather conditions.

But it's not just about off-road prowess; the RallZ strikes a balance with on-road manners, delivering a comfortable and responsive ride.

Its durability is a proven asset, making it an excellent companion for both adventure and rally riding.

The self-cleaning and self-sharpening tread pattern means you can count on predictable handling and consistent power delivery.

Designed in Australia, the RallZ is crafted to excel in a variety of terrains, from the challenging outback desert to the lush coastal forests and rugged fire trails. Plus, you won't have to hassle with adjusting tire pressures when switching between on and off-road adventures.

When the going gets tough in muddy or snowy conditions, the hybrid compound with silica ensures excellent grip.

Experience the Motoz RallZ Tire – it's your ticket to a tough, dependable, and ready-for-anything adventure.