Motoz Tractionator DualVenture Tyre 90/90-21 TL Front

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Motoz Tractionator DualVenture 90/90-21 TL tyre is a versatile option for those who appreciate excellent mileage and deep tread, ready to tackle any adventure. Its DNA is part desert race tyre and part long-distance adventure touring tyre

The new Tractionator DualVenture (TDV) is the most versatile front tyre in the Motoz line-up. The tread is unique: Built to uphold the reputation of the Tractionator Adventure tyre, the DualVenture uses the same DNA and improves upon it. Deeper tread than most adventure tyres, with distance proven compound, specifically formulated to cater for a wide variety of conditions and now offered with a reversible tread pattern to increase longevity.

Designed by off-road riders, for off-road riders, for serious off-road traction. Technically stronger than many other adventure tyres, it’s built to hammer out the miles. It is aggressive enough of an off-road tire to handle any adventure you choose and smooth enough for any long-distance street tour.

Features of the Motoz Tractionator DualVenture 90/90-21 TL Tyre

  • Designed to improve on the performance of the Tractionator Adventure front tyres with better overall performance on-road and off-road
  • Offering a unique reversible tread pattern to improve the longevity of the tyre
  • Non-directional, so when the lugs do begin to wear, simply flip the tyre for a new tyre feel and extended mileage
  • Designed to handle the most challenging terrain in Australia, USA, Baja and across the globe providing superior off-road traction and long mileage
  • Stronger construction than most adventure tyres give a world-class off-road performance with high resistance to punctures
  • Self-cleaning and self-sharpening tread pattern gives excellent predictability and power delivery
  • Optimised hybrid natural/synthetic compound produces dependable grip in all weather extremes
  • Superior block and profile design enables a larger footprint providing superior off-road traction and high-speed cornering
  • More tread depth than most adventure tyres for better traction in mud and snow
  • Tested and proven construction and compound for adventure touring use.
  • Tubeless

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