Mino 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Repair Kit

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The Mino 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Repair Kit is used to push out the dents in your 2 Stroke exhaust expansion chamber. You simply mount the tool on the pipe and apply pressure using a standard compressor with a tyre valve. 

The kit contains all parts to seal off both ends of the exhaust, including an air valve on one of the end pieces. The dent can be removed by applying air pressure and gently heating the damaged area - increasing the air pressure will push the dent outwards. For areas with severe denting more heat will be required.

Handy tip: if you don't have a compressor, fill the pipe with water. This makes a small area to pump up and can be done easily with a bike pump or shock pump especially if the dent is shallow and wide.

It is safer to fill the pipe with water, in the event that the pipe splits or pops the pipe won't fly around your workshop causing damage.

Always remember to wear safety glasses and gloves while working on a pressurized vessel such as welded Expansion chamber. 

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